Student Events

Find great things to do with other students.

Meet new people in between classes, study for your next midterm with other students, or relax after it's all over. Maybe you'll find some people on the floor below you playing Smash Bros, or some people out at the rec center playing basketball. No matter what you're looking for, you can look to Mochila's Student Events screen to see what's going on around campus.

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Bus Routes

Going somewhere? Get there sooner.

On lots of campuses, bus routes can get pretty confusing. Mochila brings you access to all of the routes on your campus, and lets you see them overlaid on your phone's native maps. You can easily figure out which routes are the most useful for you and your schedule, and favorite it for quick access directly from Mochila's home screen. When available, bus stops even provide a table of times to help you plan ahead. Just one tap pulls up the full schedule for the day.

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Find anything on campus. Really.

There's a ton of buildings around, but do you know what's in them? Search by name or abbreviation and discover where everything is hidden. Check out an interactive map, and see the building in relation to the rest of campus and where you are right now. Easily jump to information about bus routes, computers labs, dining halls, and college offices inside each and every building on your campus.

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Campus Dining

Great food is moments away.

Whether you're hungry for lunch, breakfast, or dinner you can always find a place nearby serving food. With one-tap access to the current dining menus, you can easily find that place across campus serving a homemade thanksgiving dinner. Or check ahead and find where you're meeting friends for breakfast, with dining time and location info.

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Student Life

Discover what your campus has to offer.

Did you know most schools have tons of resources available to students? Things such as legal services for students, a student health center, and programs aimed at helping students adjust to college life are common examples, but plenty of people are unaware of how to use them. Find dozens of student life options ranging from services like those, to recreational sports and get more information so you can get involved.

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Computer Labs

Focus on whatever you need to do.

Computer labs offer a quiet place to study, take exams, write papers, or do anything else you need to for your classes. Whether you just want to check the hours of your favorite lab or find a new one nearby just to print your notes before class, Mochila makes it easy. You can even view a map showing every general access computer lab near you, with colored pins to indicate if they're open or closed.

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Breaking news, right on your phone.

Read the latest on what's happening on and around campus. With multiple news sources, you can stay current on campus news with your student newspaper, official university news, alumni news, and more.

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Important dates, at a glance.

You probably already know when the first day of Spring Break is, but do you know the last date to change your schedule for the semester? Chances are, you probably don't. With a simple and accurate academic calendar one tap away, there's not much of a reason to try and remember this. Choose from any of your university's official dates, and add them to your calendar so that you can get a reminder or plan ahead.

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Stop searching for the advising office phone number.

Whether you need to contact the dean's office about your classes or find out when you can visit an advisor about your schedule for the fall, Mochila has you covered. Look up any college or school from the directory, and view a list of possible offices you may need to contact. Find phone numbers, websites, locations, and office hours whenever you need them.

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Other Features


Dark Theme

New in 1.1

Mochila includes a beautiful dark theme, featuring bright secondary colors for each school. Like many of the best apps with dark themes, we didn't simply switch some of Mochila's elements to black. With each item carefully considered, dark theme is a tasteful color change for your app.

Dining Filters

New in 1.1

Every campus has a wide range of dining options, and with that comes a wide range of hours. View dining locations that are open for specific times of your day, so that you can easily plan ahead. Find your best options for all times of the day, whether you're an early riser or a night owl.

Quick Actions

New in 1.1

iPhone 6s users can jump straight to their most used features in Mochila. Whether you frequently check bus stop times, look for open computer labs, or check out today's new dining menu, Quick Actions will help you save some time every single day.
iPhone 6s only


If you can favorite it, you can share it. Have a friend who's visiting campus and needs to know what building to park by? Just share the building. Look for the share icon on any information to share a screenshot of what you see, plus a link directly to the information inside Mochila.


Student events are an incredible way to find great things to do with other students on campus. Not only can you favorite or share student events, but you can also enable notifications. You'll get immediate updates about changes, and get a reminder before the event starts.


Anything you favorite in Mochila will show up at the top of the home screen for quick and easy access. You can add just about anything to this, and get a quick shortcut straight to that item. Some things (like bus stops) will even show the next stop time so you can just open Mochila and be on your way.


Anything you favorite in Mochila will show up at the top of the home screen for quick and easy access. You can add just about anything to this, and get a quick shortcut straight to that item. Some things (like bus stops) will even show the next stop time so you can just open Mochila and be on your way.

Glanceable Maps

Mochila was designed to make it incredibly easy to find the information you need. But we wanted to make sure that it was quick too. With Mochila's glanceable maps, you can quickly tell which bus stops are still running at the end of the day, or see which computer labs are open right now.

Calendar Integration

One of the easiest ways to remember something is to add it to your calendar. As you'd expect, you can add anything on your school's academic calendar to your calendar app. But, we've also made it just as easy to add Student Events so you can make sure you've got time to make it.